2011 Tour will drive value for cycling sponsorship!

The Tour de France, A.S.O. and the sponsors of the 22 participating teams have got to be licking their chops in anticipation of the unprecedented global media exposure this year’s race will receive. Why? Because controversy fuels discussion, passion, interest, attendance and viewers! Controversy also fuels dollars; think sponsors, advertisers, vendors, tourism, restaurants, etc. You’re going to hear about the Tour and how things unfolds in any and every possible format you can imagine. Sponsors, advertisers, the A.SO., France and participating countries are counting on it!

Fans will pack the roads along the race route while those not lucky enough to attend will watch the drama both on the road and behind the scenes. Cycling and non-cycling enthusiasts are going to tune in, blog, tweet, party and/or protest as the Grand Boucle unfolds. Many will follow this years Tour to witness whether or not, arguably, one of the best Grand Tour riders in history can win his 7th straight, 3 week race! Some will watch to see if the runner up from the last two editions can finally take the final step to the top of the podium. Yet others will watch to see if another “shoe will drop” revealing new revelations of doping, performance enhancement, tainted food, or foreign dispersants or additives are once again found where they shouldn’t be!

2011 Tour Recipe for cycling sponsorship success!

The bottom line: despite ominous comments foreshadowing the demise of cycling, once again, the Tour will be heavily attended and will draw large global audiences to watch the race.

When you mix:

  • 2 parts Rivalry (Contador vs. Schleck and everyone else; Riis vs. Schleck brothers and his old team)
  • 2 parts Intrigue (Is Contador guilty or innocent? Accusations against previous Tour champions)
  • 1 part Conspiracy Theory = Spanish Cycling Federation + UCI + WADA + Court of Arbitration for Sport
  • 3 parts Action (The race itself!)

And, shake vigorously (and the media will)!

You get every sponsor and advertiser’s dream — eyeballs seeing their brand as the Tour and the plot develops. The end result, Tour organizer A.S.O., team sponsors and advertisers are going to take advantage of the extraordinary marketing opportunities presented by global exposure, and will be laughing all the way to the bank!

4 Reasons why the 2011 Tour is a recipe for sponsorship & marketing success!

01) Alberto Contador’s participation is going to drive attendance and ratings! Period!

Whether you like him or not, believe he is guilty or falsely accused (or, receiving preferential treatment) Alberto Contador’s participation in this year’s Tour is fueling increased interest and awareness in the race and in the sport of cycling. Cyclists, journalists, sports prognosticators and fans are taking sides about whether Contador should even be in the race, if he is guilty of using PED’s and blood dopers, and if he will win this year’s Grand Boucle. This year’s event with Contador’s participation is a sponsor, advertiser, marketing executives dream. The Tour will deliver increased visibility and press coverage, along with exceptional opportunities for extensive market reach. It’s a captivating story. From a sponsorship perspective there is nothing better than supporting an event which delivers increased visibility, awareness and interest for your brand! Because increased interest can drive increased traffic, sales, revenue and market share.

02) The Tour and cycling will take center stage for the majority of July! Delivering unprecedented visibility and reach!

The media will continue to pump the bellows of controversy to keep the Contador and Armstrong stories alive!

The cycling journalists, and some of you, have been fanning the flame since the “tainted beef”, clenbuterol, story broke in September, 2010. The aftermath has had more twists and turns than a B-grade movie!

In January, 2011, Sports Illustrated vaulted to the front of the media caravan by summoning ghosts from Tours past when it released its expose “The Case Against Lance Armstrong”. Of course, this was cleverly timed with the interest generated by the NFL playoffs to increase readership and sales. Meanwhile countless professional cyclists have been paraded before us as they were summoned to testify in front of a Federal Grand Jury ala Barry Bonds and Marion Jones.

Not to be outdone, 60 Minutes poured gasoline on the story with its primetime Tyler Hamilton interview. Of course, the interview resulted in a swift and defensive response foretelling the demise of our sport with the quote; “…..this is going to kill the sport of cycling.” (Ed. – Uh, no don’t think so!)

Again, the media is going to make sure every angle of the Tour is covered. For almost an entire month cycling, the Tour de France, and every company sponsoring cycling is going to be the center of attention. Everyone is talking about it. The media has seen to that, as has the Spanish Cycling Federation, the UCI, WADA and the A.S.O.

Why is this good for the Tour, cycling and sponsorship?

Controversy fuels discussion, passion, interest, attendance and viewers! Controversy also fuels dollars; think sponsors, advertisers, vendors, tourism, restaurants, you name it. You’re going to hear about the Tour and how things unfold regardless of whether you want to or not. Sponsors, advertisers, the A.SO., France and participating countries are counting on people watching, reading, texting, talking, debating….And, sponsors are hoping throughout the next month that you see their company and brand name emblazoned across helmets, jersey’s and bib’s!  They want Contador at the Tour! Regardless of whether it is to applaud or boo him (respectfully, the UCI asks). And, they want you to tune in and pay attention! Which leads to my next point.

03) Companies sponsoring cycling get it! And, so should you!

The major sponsors of the 22 Tour teams starting the Tour encompass 22 separate  industries. Think you might have a company in your area that you could approach regarding cycling sponsorship? One that is similar to one of these 22 companies? You bet! Point to the lead sponsoring companies as examples when you approaching prospective sponsors. I mean, check it out:

  • Telecommunications, Cable Providers, Cellular: 4 (Movistar, Euskaltel, Sky, HTC)
  • Banks, Financial Services & Insurance: 4 (Saxo Bank, AG2R, Cofidis, Rabobank)
  • Sports Management Companies: 2 (Leopard, Highroad)
  • Lotteries: 2 (FDJ, Lotto)
  • Rental Car companies: 1 (Europcar)
  • Retailer: 1 (RadioShack)
  • Manufacturing companies: 2 (Quick Step, Lampre-ISD, Omega Pharma, Garmin)
  • Pharmaceuticals: 1 (Omega Pharma)
  • Environmental Products & Services: 1 (Saur)
  • Food Producer: 1 (Sojasun)
  • Information & Software Technology: 1 (Sungard)
  • Natural Gas Distributor:1 (Liquigas)
  • Campgrounds: 1 (Vacansoleil)
  • Plant Food Producer: 1 (DCM)
  • Cycling Foundation & Development Teams: 2 (Katusha, Euskadi)
  • Bicycle Manufacturers: 4 (Cannondale, Trek, BMC, Cervelo)

Non-cycling related companies sponsoring Tour teams: 22 (And, these are only the headline sponsors).

04) What can you do? And, why is the 2011 Tour good for cycling and cycling sponsorship?

See what’s happening? Everyone is talking about cycling in one form or fashion. This is extroadinary coverage of the sport we love. Take advantage of the spotlight cast on cycling. Your club has nothing to be defensive about. The sport is no longer the same it was ten years ago with previous Tour victories being in question. And, it will be cleaner, and better in 5 years than it is today! Companies are still heartily ponying up marketing and advertising dollars to sponsor teams participating in the Tour, continental, amateur clubs and teams and cycling events. (See attached link for more information on companies sponsoring professional teams)

Use this opportunity when cycling has the spotlight to sell the value of our sport to companies large and small, regardless of industry or location. Point out how companies sponsoring the professional teams participating in the Tour are receiving incredible exposure for their company, brand, products and services. When loyal domestiques go off the front, fry in the sun and are battered by winds for hours, explain how this is a tactic to not just attempt to win, but more so to provide exposure for the sponsors emblazoned across the jersey’s, helmets, shorts and butt! Television cameras, photographers, eyeballs in person, and on television, internet, from smart phone, laptop, are all capturing and displaying the action. (Also, see “Tips on how to get a cycling sponsorship”)

Regardless of where your allegiance falls this year’s Tour is going to be good for cycling and and an even better example of how media exposure and cycling drive value for sponsors.

Enjoy the Tour!

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