If you, your club mates or teammates, are asking this question as you start your sponsorship drive, you are already ahead of the game. If you aren’t asking this question; maybe you should?

But, before we go there, let’s take a step back and take a look at a couple of pros and cons.

PRO: Sports Sponsorship is a multi-billion dollar industry. Companies use sponsorship as a vehicle to get their message into the market, to raise the visibility of their products and company, to attract new clients and consumers, and to promote a positive image. Bottom line, sponsorship is an important component of most companies’ marketing strategy; it helps them make money!

CON: The competition for securing sponsorship is HIGH! Every club, team, non-profit; individuals riding, running, walking, for a worthy cause; are typically asking some company, somewhere, in your backyard for money! So, you’re not alone. But, here is the other piece of the CON equation. If everyone under the sun is sending a sponsorship letter, sponsorship proposal, request for sponsorship, charitable donation request, fund raising request….how is a company going to filter through all of these requests, and determine who to provide with sponsorship and funding? Especially during our current economic times. Is your club or teams generic sponsorship proposal going to get noticed? And, get you funding?

So, here’s the question again – “Why should a company Sponsor My Cycling Club”?

Well, Top Ten Tips for Securing Cycling Sponsorship provides tips and answers for improving your club or teams ability to find, engage, and secure new sponsors. Companies will sponsor your club or team if you:

understand what they do

focus your sponsorship proposal on the benefit to THEM

uncovered a solution to a problem

are creative in your approach

tied the benefit you can deliver to their business and sponsorship goals and objectives

differentiate the value you provide from other organizations requesting sponsorship and funding

can justify their sponsorship investment by demonstrating ROI and value

Go ahead, download the e-book, Top Ten Tips for Securing Cycling Sponsorship, and check it out. IT’S FREE!

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