Comments from our readers

From Simon Rines, Founder, IMR Publications

“IMR publications is a specialist researcher of best practice in sponsorship and as such our job is to constantly search for useful, accurate and informative sources of information. Al Brodie and sponsormycyclingclub.com is a fantastic and all too rare example of such content. I have personally learned a lot from visiting the site and I would recommend the advice offered to anyone working on the commercial side of cycling.” – Simon Rines, Founder, IMR Publications

From Jamie Schuman

Sponsor My Cycling Club has been a great resource for tips, best practices, and insite into what makes a successful sponsorship proposal. By leveraging key aspects of the ideas Al has provided, I’ve been successful in building partnership with several local companies and well on the way to launching a new cycling team in my region. Thanks Al, great stuff!

From Jason Dobbs-Hyer, Founder and Director Circular Motion Cycling

It has been an enlightening and extremely rewarding experience working with Al Brodie and his program—sponsormycyclingclub.com, and we are so grateful to have crossed his path.

I am the founder and director of Circular Motion Cycling and Alpha Omega Cycling Team. Our cycling club and junior racing team are in the formative stage of development and we were looking for a blueprint and guidance on how to secure sponsorships—a critical component for the viability and success of our programs.

I reached out to Al for guidance and support. Working with Al has been a “breathe of fresh air” in terms of securing a structured, step-by-step informative process to utilize in approaching potential sponsors. Al is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and challenged us to think about how to approach the sponsorship process—every step of the way. Without Al’s keen insights and knowledge of the cycling sponsorship process—we would not be able to move ahead and would still be in the dark struggling to find our footing. We now have a blueprint that we are comfortable with and have already put into practice with excellent results. We are looking at a very bright future.

Al, On behalf of CMC and AOCT, we are thankful for who you are and the fact that you are a visionary who took his love for cycling and combined it with your twenty-plus years of sales and marketing and created this most timely and supportive resource.

With sincerity and respect,


From Erin Boniowski

As a Cyclist and an Huge Fan of cycling I have always wanted to write about my passion for cycling in my college courses. This semester I had the opportunity to do so by make a power point about the importance of sponsorship in cycling and how to get sponsors for a cycling team.  Thanks to Al and his website Sponsor My Cycling Club. com I was able to get the answers to my questions that I had

and hopefully I will get and A !

Thank you Again Al !

From Carlos Luis González, Gerente General, Federación Paraguaya de Ciclismo

Dear Al,

I want to thank you, in the name of the Paraguayan Cycling Federation, and local cycling clubs, for your “Top Ten Tips for Securing Cycling Sponsorship”, that is helping us very much in organizing ideas, and efforts for getting sponsorship.

We are just starting a new season, and our Federation, and the clubs, we are all looking for new sponsors.

We are very sure, the ebook is going to be very useful for us, and we want to thank you again for sharing your knowledge with all the cycling entusiast.

God bless you my friend!!!