TOP TEN TIPS on how to secure cycling sponsorship for your club, team or event. You will find links to blog posts describing tips, and recommendations your cycling club or team can use as you engage prospective sponsors. These tips will help you secure cycling sponsorship, increase the number of sponsorship dollars/sponsor, and establish long term, mutually beneficial relationships with your sponsors.

  1. Understand why companies sponsor
  2. Align the value of your cycling club, team or event with business value
  3. Articulate the value of cycling sponsorship in terms that resonate with company’s
  4. Differentiate your cycling club, team or event by making your messages relevant to companies
  5. Demonstrate your cycling club or team’s value by solving problems for your prospective sponsors.
  6. Develop an effective & customizedsponsorship proposal and sponsorship letter to align with your prospective sponsors needs
  7. Leverage Business-2-Business relationships to drive additional value for sponsors
  8. Develop talking points describing your clubs’ value which you can use in various mediums – face-to-face (script), e-mail, in social media, etc.
  9. Develop & execute an effective plan including use of  social media and emerging  marketing & PR trends to bolster your sponsorship efforts
  10. Use quotes reference stories to sell the value of cycling. whether from your existing sponsors, or from the pro & amateur teams

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“Top Ten Tips for Securing Cycling Sponsorship” is a FREE guide which will help you achieve success in securing a greater number of corporate sponsors, while helping you to maintain strong relationships with existing sponsors you already have. “Top Ten Tips for Securing Cycling Sponsorship” will help your club or team:

  • align your messages with the business imperatives and objectives of your corporate partners
  • identify how sponsorship can augment existing marketing initiatives; providing solutions to problems
  • illustrate how sponsorship can be an effective tool for addressing emerging societal concerns, and demonstrating social responsibility
  • develop effective sponsorship proposals differentiating you from others
  • justify a company’s investment in sponsoring you.

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